A2Zapps- The Chinese Bamboo of the Tech World

By Sneha

Patience and perseverance pays. Well, that’s the case with every successful person or entity. Nobody reaches the pinnacle of success at the drop of a hat. It is a step by step approach. Days of hard-work, moments of agony, tough circumstances, balancing act – are all the signs of something good that waits for you in future. Even, humans are born after nine months intense wait inside a mother’s womb.

Have you heard about the Chinese Bamboo tree? The tree is a true sign of patience and perseverance. It takes five years to grow. No, it is not that it grows out of the blue in the fifth year. It is the years of nurture, nourishment and care that’s provided to it over the initial course of the years that results in its growth in fifth year – up to 80 ft in six weeks.

The Chinese bamboo story

The story behind the tree goes that once a poor farmer is given these seeds by a man, who tells him that if he grows these seeds, all his problems will be over soon. The man, with the thought of wiping away his ordeals, brings the seeds home and plants them in his garden. Day by day, he starts watering the seeds but there is no sign of any growth even after weeks. Weeks  become months, months transform to years, but nothing happens at all. All his other plants grow into huge trees, bear fruits but not the seeds that he had sown. People in his village start mocking him. They say he was fooled. But, the man shrugs all the negativities that were being thrown at him. He religiously waters the seeds daily like other trees. In its fifth year, the man finally starts believing that probably everyone else was right around him. He waters the seeds for one last time and sleeps. When he wakes up the next morning, what he sees is a sight to behold. His small seeds had transformed into a giant tree. Soon, the tree reaches the height of 90 feet within a span of few weeks. The farmer’s effort had finally paid off.

Slow and steady wins the race

Sounds like a story from the fables? It isn’t. Between the fine lines of the story lies a deeper meaning. A deeper understanding of what goes into achieving success. A2Zapps believes in understanding this deeper meaning of success. And, hence, it has pivoted towards its growth step by step since its inception in 2007. Starting your own venture is no big deal. But, sustaining it through the tough times, balancing your work and personal life, attaining trust of your customers, branding your business, and scaling it up is definitely a big and herculean task.

A2Zapps launched its beta version in 2009. Targeting SMEs, the company acquired customers from the education field and generated business through word-of-mouth publicity, rather than emphatic sales. Needless to say, the feedback received was positive and pumped up the entire team to work towards making the product more viable. By 2010, the company ramps up its platform and delivery. With a soft-launch, it ensures to properly remove the kinks in the system, if any. Testing and analysis done with initial customers prove beneficial. A2Zapps goes worldwide, and gains customers in Singapore and India. By 2012, a new version is launched simulating Windows Desktop interface. By 2014, A2Zapps looks towards expansion and adding more like-minded people into growing the business network. Since last year, A2Zapps has eyed the global market, and expanding its base globally. With an aim to hire more team members, build a valuable as well as a strong team, A2Zapps is looking forward to reach the pinnacle, seeds of which were sown years back.

Sowing the ‘ideas’ seeds

Starting an enterprise app platform to solve the needs of SMEs from across the industries  was a gigantic step. A never tried earlier model, A2Zapps was trying to ‘create a platform with multiple verticals’ and was awaiting to execute it well. With the team focused on building it as an industry-agnostic business application platform rather than hardcoding it for a specific industry during first few years to create a higher entry level barrier for others,  the founders also realized that it could get higher traction by focusing on one or two use cases.

The CEO and founder of A2Zapps, Kantanu Kundu had worked earlier with Salesforce.com, when it was a 70-member startup in San Francisco. Kantanu was clear that he wouldn’t repeat another Salesforce.com- making a sales specific app. He and his team focused on building a solid foundation for their app platform. Today, A2Zapps is reaping the benefits of the stubbornness of the founders of building a bigger app platform (aka business OS) rather than a niche business app.

Nurturing of the product

A2Zapps was never sold as a fremium SaaS product until 2015 end as the team wanted to work closely with each paid customer and see if their pain points can successfully be converted into apps within the platform with no or minimal customization. This helped A2Zapps to add more useful and reusable features to make it an ideal platform for not only business apps, but also customers’ customer apps (B2C).

Reaping the benefits

As A2Zapps has established itself as an easy-to-use app platform/OS due to it’s flexibility and built-in power, it is now preparing itself for faster growth. With an aggressively focus on e/m-commerce companies and traditional retailers looking to go online under a new brand “MobifyStore”, A2Zapps is also selling customer (CRM), vendor and employee (HR) oriented business apps to media/tech/services firms. It also enables non-tech entrepreneurs to take their ideas to market in a month’s time mainly in the areas of e/m-Commerce, EduTech, FinTech and HealthTech.

Carving a different niche

In today’s startup world, where mergers, acquisitions, and funding are becoming a fast-paced exercise, A2Zapps has carved a different route. By strengthening its base structure, giving it the much-needed strong foundation to ensure it can tackle all odds with ease, A2Zapps is now turning towards the global market. It hasn’t been an easy ride for the company as well. But the founders have not been bogged down by what the market says about them. With a firm eye to make it count when it should, A2Zapps has its arms steady and rock solid.

Yes, A2Zapps has in every sense been like the Chinese bamboo of the tech world. With its roots strengthened, A2Zapps is all set to scale the heights.

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