7 Websites to Search for Products to Sell Online

By Sneha

In our previous post, we had given you a heads up on the five things you should consider while looking for products to sell online. Now that you have your pointers ready and know which way to proceed, there are websites that can help you decide on the products that you can sell or decide on. The websites not only provide you with plethora of options to choose from, but also open the window for thinking out-of-the-box and designing that niche product or service that can fetch you money.

When you step into something that is totally new to you, it is essential to keep everything under check. From how to get into the business, to what products or services to sell, how to procure or sell, how to earn profits from your business; every point needs to be scrutinised as keenly as you had taken the decision to plunge into a business. The popular e-commerce websites can surely give you ideas but there is some homework that needs to be done on your part. What is it? The most important aspect of a product, the must-have’s in your product, things that will make it sell.

Before we take you into these details, let us tell you the 7 websites that you must search for products to sell online:

1- Alibaba– The biggest e-commerce website where you can find plethora of product options to choose from. It is a B2B marketplace where you get in touch right with the source. Can there be a better way to choose products? Though it is the largest wholesaler and manufacturer database, you can surf through some of its competitor’s sites for further knowledge. These include- Global Sources, Trade Key, Made in China.

2- Amazon– You can browse for products using the Amazon sales data. It is a great source for growing demand of the population. There is a rank associated with the products that are sold on Amazon. It is known as the Best Sellers Rank (BSR). This number is used by Amazon to rank a product based on its sale compared to other products in the same category. Thus, you can browse Amazon not only for product ideas but also roughly estimate how a product is selling by looking at the BSR. Who knows you may find your niche product to sell?

3- eBay– Like Amazon, eBay is another great website to surf for potential products to sell. Though Amazon is a larger marketplace, eBay is a great place to research based on sales data in real time. Looking for the high demand products on the site can make you plan about your online store. Did you know there are tools that can help you track the sales data of these marketplaces? We shall provide you with the information in the next post.

4- Google– Like for your every problem, question, and query, you look upto Google; why not also for doing your product search. As you search through the sales data of Amazon and eBay, you can do the same for Google. The simplest way is to use the Google Keyword Planner that helps you to look at the exact keywords being typed in by people and makes you take an account of the products in demand and how much money can it generate for you.

5- Reddit– It is considered the biggest social media news aggregator. With an enormous influence, Reddit has sub-sections that includes variety of topics and areas of interest. These sub-sections, known as subreddits, can pave the way for that one product niche that you may have been brainstorming about.

6- Pinterest– Pinterest is like that genie which comes out of the magic lamp when you rub it, and provide you with options to choose from. It contains pictures of products and new consumer trends, where you can find a mine of popular stuffs that can throw some light at the end of your tunnel. You get not only product ideas but ideas that are popular, trendy and most sought after.

7- Instagram– If you had been using your Instagram account for sharing photos  and videos, then may be once you should do a different check on the social media site. Use Hashtags or follow product accounts to know what products are good to go for the audience. As it is all about pictures, it can help you decide on what can work wonders by looks as well as needs and wants.

Apart from the above mentioned sites, you can also search for products on online consumer trend publications such as Trend Watching, Trend Hunter, Springwise and if you have a product in mind, you can look through the industry, and search through industry experts in the field, scan through their sites and decide on your choice.

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