Down the nostalgic lane…

By Sagnik

Life at A2Zapps is no less than a relay race. Every #a2zian is running fast to pass on the baton to the other deserving a2zian, just to ensure that the race continues and the baton remains in the hands of the fastest member of the squad. I became the Product Manager a few weeks ago. I am yet to realize if it is a success or an opportunity to learn something more. Though it is little confusing but my mother says that she can see a sigh of happiness and relief on my face. Standing in front of the mirror gazing at myself to see the developments is impossible unlike girls. But I know I have made certain developments.

Taken aback to think of my earlier days, I remember the tall tower in front of my hostel. It was the mobile tower with a red light blinking always. Every time, I looked at it, I thought someone is trying to connect to his girlfriend but the call is getting unanswered. I felt anxious about the mystery of repeated missed calls. I worried about the pain of the lover, who is making desperate attempts to reach out to his girlfriend. Every stage of life has its own perceptions, worries, successes and failures.

When life was a captive at school with rules ruling our lives to ruin the fun, it only taught us the basics of life. We were taught to be patient, work harder, respect and understand each other and so on.

I thought liberation happened to me when I stepped into engineering. Breaking rules, bunking classes, late night studies, messing up with other departments, participating in fests, dating more than one at a time, almost giving up life for a friend in need were the events of college days. I made mistakes, learnt from them too. Didn’t realize when I was done with the basic education and was subconsciously introduced to a life of much harsh and hard facts.

Placements did not take place when I was at my final years of bachelors. The air around me was filled with fear, questions to which I had no answer. I was so uncertain about my future. I somehow started relating my pain to the pain of that lover who made desperate attempts to reach to his love. I was applying offline to every openings I came across. I made calls to them but some went as missed calls and some as fake calls. It was a tough time I realize today. Much tougher than the role I am put in today at A2Zapps.

But you know the creator has always kept a door open while keeping all others shut. Losing hope is an unwise decision, which I learnt through experiences. Then I was new to this professional world but A2Zapps never treated me new. I was part of a whole new world and a tough way of learning. It was really challenging to justify perfectionism here at A2Z. But this pushed me to struggle, work harder, and learn things more quickly and smartly. Those inspirations, selfless backings and proper guidance of seniors pushed me to run faster. I took more initiatives and responsibilities and held the baton of the race I have been running for the past one year.

The best part of A2Zapps has been that it has a big space to perform though being smaller in size. There is no limitations to what I want to do. Yes at times, I have felt down, demotivated but again it’s all about experiences and endurance. I have learnt to grow relationships, maintain them in a healthy manner. I have learnt to shoulder responsibilities of work as well as life. I realize those intricate and detailed changes in me which is having a very positive influence to my life and I feel proud of them. Thus, life is not about having all things since the beginning but it’s about accumulating everything little by little for it to end on a good note.

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