Sayanti – a shopaholic – rewinds a year of her life

By Sayanti

Let’s rewind a year of my life. A college student running from pillar to post finishing college assignments, ensuring to submit it before the class topper does, making that one bit extra effort to look the best every day and let the classmates soak in jealousy, enjoying the potluck meals so on and so forth. Those were the days when I wouldn’t miss out on any of the blockbusters hitting the theatres. Sigh! Such a movie buff I was. However, there was always a scope of missing out on some of them due to cash being low- story of every college student’s life.

Placement season proved to be lucky for me. I managed to secure a job offer from and didn’t even think once before taking it up. Though I lacked any understanding of a job then, the feeling of managing it was rooted somewhere deep inside me. Schools, college, home were safe – is what I had heard – and the world outside was cruel- was told to me often. I knew that it would not be a fairy land anymore where parents, teachers and friends will be at my rescue every time I am stuck.

However, the offer letter shed those inhibitions within me one by one.  My desire for a fun-filled life made me overcome my fear gradually. The support of my parents inspired me each time to work hard honestly and smartly to earn accomplishments. Not to forget, my selfless love for shopping motivated me more. ☺

I cannot believe that it has already been a year since I joined  Here I am penning down how I feel right now. I don’t remember the number of times I cried in front of my manager, every time that my work was criticized. I remember the way my manager would boost my self-esteem by lending me tissues after tissues to wipe off the tears. Thereafter, I worked harder each time to improve and be the best.

It gives me happiness when I sit back to realize that my hard work has been rewarded every time and it in some ways of course, surpassed the flak I faced for a bad work.  As this is the first organization that I have worked with, I am not sure if such recognition happens everywhere. Just like one can never get over its first love, I guess it is much harder to forget your first job. I have learned each day that I have spent in this organization. Hence, have climbed the ladder of success and earned recognition for myself. This job has also made me realize that one needs to admit their mistake if they are at fault. Having said that, I am glad that I have been allowed to work in an environment that lets me balance work, fun, and exploring. My managers and team mates have been extremely supportive throughout my stint here and have helped me push my limits and strive to perform better.

I am sure we all would agree to the fact that money does bring you the satisfaction at the end of the day. Recently introduced policy to earn more by working harder has kept me motivated. I am glad to have earned bonus points in lieu of my hard work. Although bonus points keep me motivated but honestly, it is the incentives against those points that makes me smile and shine.

After all, money can buy you, if not everything, many things. I wouldn’t shy away from confessing that I do wait for salary at the end of the month to fulfill my dreams and desires. From buying a pretty dress, to swanky shoes, trending nail paints, bags, lip colors and what not- the list has been growing by leaps and bounds. Not to forget, the monthly hair spa ritual, hogging on to roadside phuchkas  or  pizzas, and exploring other food joints – has been the best thing to have happened to me after I started earning. Next in line is travelling. It is such an exhilarating experience to be a part of the office outings. To add to it, when managers treat every month and celebrate Birthdays with cakes and cards. We are a small team and the unity with which we work makes us comfortable with each other.

Having completed a year filled with fun, I feel I am still an alien to this world of professionalism. The everyday assignments and deadlines allow me to balance my work as well as pleasure. I heave a sigh of relief as I soak in my achievements so far and crave to earn more by working harder and smarter.

There’s one more thing that happened to me recently here and I am more than happy to share it with all of you. Being a shopaholic, I have been given the chance to work in the new e/m commerce initiative of my company. MobifyStore happens to be the e/m commerce platform solution for the merchant community. As an employee, I am empowered to sell my own creations as I am good at Art. My company inspires me to nurture my personal interest apart from my work. I do not think I could have asked for a better opportunity than this to gain such an exposure. I am really thankful to all my colleagues and senior management at for giving me such a platform to work and grow.

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