A2ZappsTab will be launched this December for India market

If you have been keeping a close eye on our social media updates, it should not surprise you if this time we are thinking to bring in a new solution that would bind the workforce of both emerging and existing enterprises in a more exciting way. A2Zapps India is taking another big leap towards simplifying the workforce. Since inception this bootstrap company has earned credibility with its innovative approach and effective implementation. A2ZappsTab is a slim and powerful slate with embedded Cloud-based App OS (aka ‘Super App’) along with a bundled apps of your choice.

In the last few years, India is seeing a rapid  industrialization with Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad emerging as the technology hubs. As each company is targeting to sow their seeds across these emerging metropolitans and nurture to growth, it is leading to distributed nature of workforce. A2ZappsTab with embedded Cloud App OS will enrich togetherness in the distributed workforce and will decentralize the process to accentuate further growth.

We strongly believe that this would unlock a whole new world of mobility.  The workforce dedicated to field sales using A2ZappsTab can make maximum gain out of this device. The Cloud-based App OS enables them to post the real time update of their assignment, obtain advices to any field related enquiries over Chitchat app.

If you are a part of an ongoing deal or have successfully closed the same , after your visit to the client site today, update your boss real time. Do you realize this way you actually contribute in decision making process of the management over some critical issue and sanitize the path that leads you to promotion to the next level.

The e-commerce segment is broadening its territory leading to a growth in the logistic industry. This powerful device will enable you to track your delivery, have a real time update and process a smooth transit. This way you not only ensure safe and smart delivery of your clients but also restore faith of the client and obtain more and more orders. If your food joint has earned a bad reputation for bad home delivery service, improvise and digitalize the process. Obtain real time orders, track delivery of the food. We can also support your payment process by various credit-card swiping devices as we are already partnered with some leading providers in this zone.

The embedded Cloud App OS enables you with very interesting yet effective apps. You can get up to date  details of your executives in and out for the services that you provide. Through Chitchat- the Personalized Company Network, one can share or gather information concerning your work, fun, tantrums all at one platform. The platform featured such apps that even the remotely employed would feel connected to the office every step. A2ZappsTab keeps the organization and field connected thereby bridging the gapwith a virtual feel of office. The fun with A2ZappsTab continues with CRM, KRA, Telemarketing, ERP and many more.

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