Contemprorizing e-commerce in Indian context

By Eshita

Recent studies reveal a steep growth curve in the e-commerce sector across the world with a remarkable transformation shown in the trend of shopping and trading. The 2015 statistics show that 42% (3.2 billion) people across the world are using the internet with the US being the highest user of internet, around 84% of the total users followed by China(642 million) 22% of the total and then India (350 million), 19%  of the total. India is young with 50% of the population below the age level of 25 and more than 60% below age group 35.

It is to be noted that a paradigm shift of population from the rural to urban areas in order to pursue career is leading to rapid urbanization, transformation in the standard of living and an increase in the level of household income due to the foreign investments .  There is enhancement in the technology dependency as young brains are highly responsive to technological changes, as a consequence to the rise in the penetration of internet and smart phones. The discounted, thus affordable data card plans offered by big telecoms, the emergence of local vendors for internet supply is the icing on the cake.

Another notable observation is that the shopping pattern of India if compared to China and rest of the world is significantly different. We have seen that Indians have always preferred shopping with family and have considered it as the best way to spend time with family. A land with diversified culture with many special occasions likely weddings, pujas have successfully restored the traffic to shopping. The recent changes in the usage pattern towards smartphones and internet is driving more traffic to online shopping. By now, it can be evidently established when it comes to seeking opportunity of growth in e-commerce, Young India can be one of your hot choices.

China seems ruling the dynasty of SME with a count of 50 million enterprises followed by India with 40 million SMEs keeping a tight focus on retail industry. Although the figures are appealing nevertheless, contribution to the economy remains low. Studies show that 40% of the Indian workforce are employed by the SMEs but the contribution to the economy in India is only 17% because a big chunk of the SME retailers still have business plan that lacks strategy, infrastructure and technical knowhow.

This situation gives away a window of opportunity to A2Zapps to launch its very own ecommerce platform under a new brand- MobifyStore (MoS), a catalyst to the existing growth pattern driving the SME retailers to another level. MoS, the one stop solution to the merchants, can boost your existing retail business  and it also promises to be by your and take you to another level of success The Do-It-Yourself platform enables merchants to quickly build an e-commerce website and native mobile app for their store in the most cost effective manner.


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