When your Grocery is just a click away

By Eshita

When more than many retailers are now thinking over to jump into the restaurant business after reading my last blog, it just appeared to me very convincing that aspiring entrepreneurs might also think of creating more online platforms that could ease our life, by creating a one-stop shop for the online grocery shopping. Although Wal-Mart and BigBasket have already set a bench mark in this platform, there are others like PepperTap, emerging with time and will surely come up with real flying colors.

If you have been following them closely, you will see how beautifully they have connected the grocery to the real life of the people with the amazing delivery service supported by the hyper local logistic providers.

Would you not agree that we just love being treated special? The online services are personalized service at reasonable rates and hence are becoming appealing to every generation. There are many such petite reasons that connect the online shopping to our daily life so well.

If it is my work that is keeping me busy these days, I think I just can’t help that. I need a settled life, a fat salary, a smiling wife and happy children. I love my job and enjoy staying committed to it. I would just not love wasting my Saturdays and Sundays on making arrangements to stack the refrigerator container with vegetables and groceries, would rather prefer a drive or dinner with family. 

“I am 85 years old man who loves his 80 years old bedridden wife more than his life. I just can’t afford leaving her to make up for the household requirements, hence have to depend on my neighbours.  My son is settled abroad as a commitment towards his fat pocket. My neighbours are not cooperative always.” a story of every old aged person,  staying far from their children.

Had I been in any of the above situations, I would have just loved if someone  rings my door bell to deliver the whole week’s grocery to me on a lazy Sunday morning or on a tired Wednesday late evening. I am quite sure that this awesome service would tempt me enough to start preferring them delivering me in huge quantity the next time, almost meeting my week’s demand to month’s demand. But yes, freshness of the vegetables, fruits and other grocery items would remain a concern every time they make a new delivery at my place.

There are several such groups of customers that can be your potential targets. With the evolving city life and land scarcity, people are opting to reside in the high rise buildings and skyscrapers. At times, there are many who might have to climb up and down with heavy bags of grocery and vegetables and eventually  experience muscle cramps. To target these customers would be one of your next smartest approaches.

There are enough reasons that can make a venture in online grocery shopping profitable if the target customers are chosen smartly and appropriate rates are provided. As discussed, targeting the right set of customers and offering the right amount of discounts is the key to maximize customer base. Discounts are lucrative to customers irrespective of their age group, taste and preference. Speedy delivery is another major factor in case of grocery shopping. There are many hyper-local logistics services emerging around the world and with the help of them achieving this parameter would not be much of challenge.

Online grocers may also target the chain of restaurants, wholesalers as their potential customers. These businesses always intend to place order in bulk amount and would not mind in paying if rates appear to them reasonable considering that they would not have to bear the hardships of shipping, maintenance of cold storage and other factors.

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