UnThink Tomorrow

Let’s accept it. Most of us don’t think. At least not most of the time. Rather, we go. You know, with the flow. We go to our 9 to 5, where we go take the decisions expected of us, and go through the typical motions. Then go back to our families, to the familiar food and the similar lives. In short, the usual.

Is it any surprise then, that most of the businesses we grow, the environments we create, the homes that we build, don’t think either?  Sometimes, everything seems stuck in these doldrums, this absence of Think.

But slowly, some of these elements are changing. There are individuals and organizations that are, finally, Thinking. And their thinking is changing our world. More so in the first 14 years of this century, than perhaps over the past several hundred years.


Think, and what it did

Some of the changes we notice as little ripples – for example, most of us barely noticed that the top two shows at the Golden Globes this year were not from ABC, CBS, HBO or even Showtime. They were from Amazon and Netflix. Netflix didn’t even exist 10 years back, and Amazon was still selling books and knickknacks when Netflix launched. Today, they have a stranglehold on the production and distribution of entertainment in the US, with a combined valuation of $180bn. That’s about 10% of the ENTIRE global entertainment and media marketspace, which stood at $1.9tn in 2014.

Other changes are more visible, and we come across them every day.  Look at our businesses. For years, we have bought software to help us do things better. Over time, while hardware became cheaper, these software kept on getting more and more expensive. And we continued to buy, not Thinking. And then someone started thinking why. And created Salesforce. Everyone said customer data is the most precious information of a company, they would never allow it to stay outside its walls. But within 14 short years, Salesforce is now the largest selling CRM suite in the planet, and among the top 10 software companies in the world, by revenue. But the picture gets more interesting, if you look at its valuation, which typically tells how much belief the markets have on the company’s growth and success. In that listing, Salesforce, with an estimated valuation of $100bn, is right after Microsoft ($385bn) and Oracle ($195bn). Again, a company that didn’t even exist in the 20th century.

Changes caused by Thinking are now part of daily life for many of us. These days, we rarely walk up to hotel reception to get a room, we Hotwire or AirBnB it. We Uber a ride, rather than calling a cab. We Opentable our restaurant reservations, rather than tipping the maitre’d.

All of these have three fundamental elements in common: recent advances in remote computing (ability to store, process, analyze and deploy content over the internet), increasingly cheap internet access (ability to access content), and proliferation of smart mobile devices (ability to process that content). Or, in two short words, Cloud computing. The Cloud have been at the center of most changes in our Thinking in the past decade. And it will continue to lead the way to our future.


Going beyond Think

But all said and done, Cloud still sits at the fringe of our lives, within a few specific successful companies, a handful of integral life tools. We need to go beyond this incremental change. We need to move beyond these isolated examples of success. We need to include the vast majority of us, and make them a part of this change. We need to move them from Don’t Think to UnThink.

Think is building a successful company that breaks industry norms. UnThink is helping the entire industry shift its paradigm.

Think is creating a successful community. UnThink is making every community a success.

Think is empowering a platform. UnThink is making platforms redundant.

Welcome to A2Zapps. Welcome to the UnThink-able.

A2Zapps is a Cloud OS that works on any device, any platform. Which means an app on our OS will work the same anywhere.

Today, if you are an organization that wants to deploy specific automation for its employees and partners, you typically pay for expensive development to create frontends for each device OS. With A2Zapps, you are confident that you will build/buy once, use everywhere

All apps in the A2Zapps Cloud OS are natively integrated. Which means different functions/modules talk to each other.

Today, companies pay billions of dollars to help integrate software A with software B (resulting in the growth of integration providers like Tibco, Mulesoft,…), or buy expensive ERP suites, in order to run their businesses smoothly. With A2Zapps, integration is a thing of the past. Use what you need, when you need it.

A2Zapps Cloud OS has a Zero-coding™ App Builder, which you can use to build apps without ever having to code. Which means anyone and everyone can build apps, not just expensive programmers.

Today, businesses have to decide between struggling with truckloads of spreadsheets to manage their work, and engaging with their Tech organization to help build software for them – often a long and expensive journey. With A2Zapps, Businesses can build their own apps, just like they create their own spreadsheets today.

A2Zapps Cloud OS has a Social Network Builder, to help build scalable communities, within minutes. Which means affordable, scalable engagement with customers, vendors and partners is finally possible, without having to depend on public networks.

Today, with the advent of social media and always-on business environment, corporates need to stay constantly connected with their ecosystem of employees, partners, vendors and customers. With the exception of employees, who may be connected through in-house systems, most of these other stakeholders are poorly served. And depending on public networks to connect create risky dependencies and unmanageable exposure. With A2Zapps, these corporates can build and engage their communities, but within the environs of their own privacy policies and access rights structures.

How does UnThinking work?

A2Zapps Cloud OS runs on a subscription-based utility-type model, where we only charge for the access. All apps, including unlimited use of the App Builders, are free. And our access rates are affordable to smallest businesses to the largest corporations.

With these tools from A2Zapps Cloud OS at your disposal, you can now compete and win against the best in your business, whether they are traditional industry behemoths or game-changing new startups.

For example, you can use our Cloud OS to build and deploy wing-to-wing automation for your small business overnight, offering you the ability to provide the same level of services to your customers as your multi-million dollar competitor.

Or, if you are a growing organization that needs urgent help to build or replace a part of their software ecosystem, in order to compete better at the marketplace. You can pick the relevant apps from our App Store, or just customize/build them with our App Builder.

Or, if you are a large organization burdened with an elephantine ERP system that is proving to be too expensive for your sales force or vendors to use, you can quickly deploy apps to these fringe groups over our Cloud OS, assured all data is real-time synched with your core systems

If you are a budding entrepreneur or early startup with a business model that will change the world, you can use our Cloud OS and App Builder to create that business, at a fraction of the cost and time it would otherwise take for you to build it.

If you are a VC firm/Angel network/Incubator/Accelerator, and you want to invest in more startups, you can leverage our Cloud OS ecosystem to incubate the different business models. Given the significantly lower TCO, now you can do more with less.

For you who are exploring the realms of possibilities and hitting the usual barriers, the future is yours.  It’s your time to UnThink.

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