How is A2Zapps UnThinking work+play?

It happened somewhere between the Blackberry Curve and the iPhone 3GS. And quietly enough that most of us did not notice, at the time. But consumer automation finally caught up with Business computing … and actually crossed it.

Consumer Outthinks business

Most companies started with allowing only Blackberries among their employees. But then their CEOs bought iPhones and wanted to access all the usual stuff through that. The CIO office, of course, had to accommodate. And before you could say Bob’s your Uncle, the floodgates had opened – everyone and their cousin were bringing different devices to work. Since then, a plethora of affordable mobile computing devices have made BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) a reality with employees.

In the early days of BYOD, these devices were strictly monitored and many were specially formatted to disallow certain functions/applications. That gave way to expensive remote device administration services, which later got built into default OS functionality of the more popular platforms like Android and iOS (Ever notice how, when signing up for your work email on your new phone, a screen comes up that asks permission for your company to remotely wipe your phone? That). And suddenly, security concerns took a backseat, while every firm worth its mobility salt started publishing apps for their employees and customers to use.

Mobile-first, but with caveats

Today, most of us use our phones (and tablets and phablets and netbooks and …) for both work and play. Business apps and personal apps jostle for space on our home screen. The lines between consumer and business computing have gotten increasingly blurrier. Which, in turn, is giving rise to changing workplace models like flexi-work and anywhere computing. And these changing models are, in turn, building demand for better mobile computing environments. That is where the gap has become increasingly visible, in the past few years. Because, while consumer computing have leapt ahead of business, they haven’t really solved the basic problem of how to cross-pollinate the two; and make the mobile environment EQUALLY relevant to work and play. Everything still works within their own islands:

  • From 6pm-9am, we communicate with our friends and family through Facebook and Whatsapp. But from 9am-6pm, we need to switch back to our outdated mail systems to speak with our colleagues and business associates
  • We can use apps for specific functions while mobile, but good luck trying to find an environment where these apps actually interact with each other. So, my CRM app doesn’t talk to my Whatsapp. My mail management tool cannot access my mobile’s phonebook and convert them into leads. My Travel & Expense app does not synch with the popular travel app I downloaded
  • Cost of supporting multiple versions of an app, on an ever-increasing number of mobile platforms, have skyrocketed. While most popular consumer apps have invested to stay relevant across a broad range of device platforms, businesses typically focus on only one or two platforms, and specific versions of them, at that. This restricts the kind of mobile environments employees and partners can access, leading to discontent within the ranks

UnThink Convergence

But in order for mobile computing to really become ubiquitous and productive, these islands need to be connected. A2Zapps Cloud OS UnThinks the entire work/play dynamics to create a universal, seamless and flexible ecosystem that fits individuals and corporations alike:

Universal – With A2Zapps Cloud OS, you are finally confident about building apps once, and using them anywhere. Any device, and platform; our Cloud OS ensures your apps work the same way everywhere

Seamless – A2Zapps has built for a future of integrated automation – where all apps and functions talk to each other and communicate with each other through a social communication and networking spine that runs through everything. We believe in a future where work and play automation are available to users at will. If you use dual login services (for example, two different gmail ids), you are familiar with this concept already. Now imagine using a single super-app that accepts one login credentials and opens all your personal apps and content, and another login credentials for all your work apps and related content.  Now imagine a single social and communication panel (something like a FB News Feed) that runs through both. It would look something like this:


Several companies see the future similarly, and working hard to get there; like Google with their ‘string of pearls’ app bouquet around their Google+ services, Facebook with their renewed focus on their App Store, Messaging Services and Mobile OS, and Microsoft with their aggressive investments to build an integrated multi-device platform through Wiindows 10, Surface Pro, Lumia and Azure ecosystem. The challenge with their progress has always been that each of them want to ringfence the ecosystem only around their products and/or devices; excluding others. The issue is, exclusion fosters neither radical innovation, nor widespread adoption. An Apple user won’t shift to a Microsoft ecosystem, even an avid Facebook user might not want to use a Facebook mobile phone, and Google might continue to have trouble duplicating their consumer app successes in the Enterprise market.

A2Zapps Cloud OS, on the other hand, is everything-agnostic, and built on industry-standard technology. It works with every hardware and software platform, and its App Builder allows you to build and customize any app/functionality you want; making it the preferred choice as the building blocks for tomorrow’s architecture. In other words you have the perfect plug and play ecosystem where you can plug in any app and seamlessly integrate it with the rest of your universe.

Flexible – With A2Zapps’ App and Social Builders, the work and play spaces can be fluid, changing shape and direction as required. The Zero-coding™ App Builder allows you to build/customize/change everything-agnostic apps within minutes, without any programming skills. The Social Builder lets you roll out personalized social networks within minutes, to your entire community or selected parts of it. The apps and the social network are all automatically integrated to each other.

Your home is your office. Your mobile is your computer. Isn’t it time to UnThink your work and play?

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