Pick, Choose and Use!

October 12, 2011 by Priyanka, A2Zapps.com

Walk in…
Choose your bread…
Choose your veggies…
Choose your sauce
… and delight your taste buds with your favorite flavor!

Life becomes so much simpler when you run it the way you want. Right from choosing your friends, your career, your hobbies and even your subz- life gives you so many alternatives! All you need to do is make a choice and get started. But when it comes to technology, do we have the privilege to choose, order and take away? Well, not always!

Let your imagination run wild- Suppose, you want to buy a brand new car and you get to choose each and every feature right from the interior& exterior auto parts to accessories as per your requirement and usage. Sounds unrealistic does it?

Okay, how would it be if I tell you that there… Continue

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