U.S. Schools and Government Promoting SaaS and Cloud Computing

6th Mar, 2009 by Jeff Kaplan on http://www.thinkstrategies.com

Among my predictions for 2009, was that the new Obama administration would push legislation and take other initiatives to promote Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and cloud computing as part of its overhaul of the government and economic stimulus efforts.

Sure enough, Obama’’s new CIO–- Vivek Kundra- –made it clear yesterday that he is a big proponent of SaaS and cloud computing. Here’’s what he said to the Wall Street Journal, “

“I’’m a big believer in disruptive technology. If I went to the coffee shop, I would have more computing power than the police department. Consumers had better technology than the government did. I’’m all about the cloud computing notion. I look at my lifestyle, and I want access to information wherever I am. I am killing projects that don’t investigate software as a service first…. Continue

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